I cannot open a RIK file. What should I do? Help!

Virtually anyone has encountered some problems with opening unknown files while working on a computer. It can be very frustrating. Yet such problems, not only with RIK files, can be addressed in a standard way. Follow the steps below and we can guarantee that your problem with opening RIK will be resolved!

RIK File Extension

  • File type SharpMap
  • File developer N/A
  • File category GIS Files
  • File popularity rating
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How to open RIK file?

If given user account does not have necessary permissions to open files with RIK extension, it is highly probable that no program that supports given files is installed on the users’ system. Below is a list of actions user should pursue in order to resolve most common problems.

Step 1. Download and install application that supports RIK files

After the application has been installed, the system should automatically open RIK files with given application. Below is the list of relevant programs along with operating systems they are available for:

Programs that support RIK files

Windows programs

Step 2. Verify whether RIK files are associated with appropriate software

It is possible that an application that supports RIK files is not associated with such files. In such case, the program should by manually associated with RIK files (right-click on the file icon → PropertiesGeneral Tab → In submenu "Open with" and click on "Change" button. System will display a list of suggested programs that support RIK files. Choose the application by checking the box "Always use the selected application to open this kind of files". System will store this information in its registry and use it to open RIK files with the selected program.

Changing RIK file association in registry

File association for RIK files can be edited manually by editing appropriate entry in Windows System Registry. However, it is discouraged as it may introduce errors to registry if not done properly and may even damage the system.

Step 3. Check RIK file for other errors

  • RIK file was not copied properly from storage medium.
  • Antivirus application prevents opening RIK files. In that case it is recommended to exercise extreme caution and recover or delete infected RIK file. It is also advised to scan the entire system for malicious software and viruses with antivirus software.
  • For RIK files downloaded from the internet it is advised to check if the file has been downloaded completely and is not corrupted. If not, the file should be re-downloaded.

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