Open files with JGW extension quick and easy. 4 steps

It can be very frustrating when you have a JGW file and you cannot open it. But do not worry, in most cases solution to your problem is very simple. Follow the instruction in steps 1-4 listed below and you should be able to solve your problem and open the JGW file with ease.

JGW File Extension

  • File type JPEG World Format
  • File developer ESRI
  • File category GIS Files
  • File popularity rating
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What is a(n) JGW file?

JGW is a file format used to store geographic information related to JPEG images. A JGW file is an ancillary type of data file which contains information such as the coordinates of the corners of the image, in relation to a map projection and/or datum. It also contains information such as resolution and units of measurement.

The data stored in a JGW file is used in geographic software programs or GIS applications to correctly display or georeference a related JPEG image on a map. The JGW file can also be used to define the area that a JPEG image covers on the surface of the Earth.


How to open JGW file?

JGW file icon should be displayed in a manner characteristic to the program which supports such file type. If JGW file icon is of the form of generic blank page icon or similar it means that given format is not associated with any program installed on the system. Below are listed some of the most popular causes of such situation

Check the JGW file for errors

  • No program that supports JGW files is installed on the system
  • No program that supports JGW files is associated with this extension (system registry has no entries related to programs that should be used to open JGW files)
  • The file is of unknown or unverified origin and is most probably infected. In such case user must exercise extreme caution in order not to allow the virus propagate to other files in the system (follow the instructions displayed in the dialog box in your antivirus software.
  • JGW file may be incomplete, which will prevent the system from opening it (this could be the case with file downloaded from the internet or copied from other sources)
  • The file is corrupted

How to solve encountered problems?

In order to solve the following problems, follow the instructions:

Step 1. Select, download and install relevant software. The list of programs supporting files with JGW extension can be found below:

Programs that can open JGW files

Step 2. Associate software supporting JGW with this file format

  1. Right-click on the JGW file
  2. Select "Open with" option
  3. Choose appropriate program from the list and select the location where the program is installed
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking on the "OK" button

Step 3. Scan the JGW file using an antivirus software

Step 4. Verify whether the file has been properly downloaded from the internet or copied from an external storage medium. If not, then re-download or copy the file again.

In 95% of cases following these steps should solve problems with JGW files. Sometimes, although rarely, the cause of encountered problems may be different.

Last resort – an IT expert


Should all the above-mentioned solutions fail to resolve problems with JGW file extensions, there is one last thing you can do – contact an IT expert. You can also try to contact one of the developers of software that supports JGW files.

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