How to open BNY files? 4 simple methods of solving such problems

When you encounter a problem with an unknown BNY file and you do not know how to open such file, the first step you should take is to determine the cause of given problem. We will show you how to address most common problems with BNY files and how to solve them in 4 simple steps.

BNY File Extension

  • File type Binary Ll Format
  • File developer N/A
  • File category Data Files
  • File popularity rating
    • Star
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How to open BNY file?

In some cases problems may occur when trying to open BNY files. Steps listed below can be helpful in addressing such problems.

Step 1 – Verify whether the file is properly associated with selected software

The first thing user should do is to associate application with BNY files. It may happen so that even when an application that supports BNY files is installed on the system it is not properly associated with this file format. This can be easily remedied by associating program with BNY files. In order to associate such files with given application, user must open the file menu (by right-clicking on the file) and choosing "Open with". A list of suggested applications will be displayed at the top part of menu. Next, select an application and confirm your choice by checking "Always use the selected application to open this kind of files" option. Confirm your selection by clicking OK.

In order to open BNY file, focus on steps 1 and 2


In majority of cases following instruction in step 1 and 2 should be enough to open files with BNY extension. Before attempting the next steps, test all the programs listed below.

Step 2 – Install a program that supports BNY files

Should it happen that the section with suggested programs is empty, it is most probable that no program supporting BNY files is installed on the system. Choose a program from the following list and install it:

Programs that support files with BNY extension

Windows programs

Step 3 – Check for other possible causes of errors

  • Corrupted storage medium on which the BNY file is stored
  • File data corruption or incompleteness (for example, due to incomplete download or copy process). In such case the file must be re-downloaded or properly copied and then opened again.
  • Compatibility issues – check whether BNY extension is compatible with user’s operating system
  • Administrative policy settings may prevent user from opening given file

Step 4 – Contact an expert

If you are still unable to open BNY file, you should contact an IT expert. You could also try to contact the developer of given software that supports BNY files. Appropriate website addresses can be found by clicking the name of given program in the list above.

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