How to open BMU files on your device

If an error occurs when you try to open BMU file on your device, you should do two things – install appropriate software and associate BMU files with this software. If this does not solve the problem, then the cause may be different – you will find more details in this article.

BMU File Extension

  • File type BioWare Music Unit
  • File developer N/A
  • File category Audio Files
  • File popularity rating
    • Star
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How to open BMU file?

There can be various causes of problems that can arise when opening opening .BMU files. Each problem requires a different approach, but most can be solved by following he instructions below.

Step 1. Install a program that supports BMU files

In order to open BMU file an appropriate program that supports this file format must be installed on the system. Below is the list of programs that support files with BMU extension.

Programs that can open BMU files

Windows programs

Download installer for given application and launch it. After the installation has been completed, BMU files should be opened with installed application by default next time you try to open this type of file.



Not all listed applications will be capable of performing all operations on BMU files. Some applications may only be capable of opening such file and viewing its contents while the purpose of others may be converting files to other file formats. Therefore you should check beforehand the capabilities of applications in relation to BMU files.

Step 2. Associate given software with BMU files

A situation can arise where user has an appropriate application supporting BMU files installed on their system, but such application is not associated with this type of files. In order to associate given application with BMU files user should open a file submenu by right-clicking the file icon and selecting "Open with" option. System will display a list of suggested programs that can be used to open BMU files. Select appropriate option and check "Always use selected application to open this kind of files". System will save this information from now on use selected program to open BMU files.

When the above-mentioned solutions fail, other options must be pursued. It is possible that the BMU file in question is corrupted or damage. The most common causes of file damage are:

  1. File with BMU extension is incomplete (for example, file has not been downloaded completely from the internet or not copied properly from source)
  2. File data is corrupted
  3. Damaged or corrupted storage medium on which the BMU file is stored
  4. File icon does not represent the original file but is only a shortcut to the location where the BMU file was saved and then deleted
  5. User account is not privileged to perform operations on BMU files. In that case it is advised to contact the system administrator or an IT expert

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